About Us

All City Sport Group is a company aiming to help community college student -athletes grow and build brands. A new policy is shaking up the world of college athletics. The NCAA’s archaic model prohibiting student-athletes from profiting from their Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) is over after decades of activism, court cases and increasing political pressure.

During the NJCAA’s June 2021 Board of Regents meeting, the board voted to pass a new bylaw that will promote and provide opportunities for student-athletes in name, image and likeness. Under the new bylaw by the NJCAA, athletes will not forfeit their amateur status for receiving compensation based on their NIL. A few exceptions, however, is that institutional employees and boosters are barred from making direct payments to athletes and schools cannot provide payments in exchange for performance and recruiting inducements.

The NJCAA and the Board of Regents recognize the importance of name, image and likeness rights and placed a priority on taking immediate action,” the organization in a release, “so that no member college is prohibited from membership within the association.

The All City Sports Group is dedicated to following NJCAA compliance regulations. We also understand the majority of community college student athletes face significant financial barriers to graduation. Unlike Division One, Two and NAIA student athletes, community college receive minimal scholarship compensation, despite the same effort. Our collective goal is to provide financial opportunities through the use of social media. Our marketing strategies are designed to build individual brands, and create financial opportunities that improve life success.